Emma King

Emma King

Children and young people are precious. They are our future. Their emotional well-being is paramount if we want them to succeed, be happy and fulfil their potential. Therapeutic intervention, for children and young people who need it is vital in ensuring that we as adults are doing the very best we can in enabling that they go on to grab life with both hands. Read more about me here.


The primary communication tools used in play therapy are games, sand, puppets, art, clay, drama and music. Spoken language is also used but is seen as the secondary method of communication, therefore this method of working is ideal for children and young people who may have a developmental delay, a learning difficulty/disability, a speech or communication disorder or those who may be too traumatised to verbalise their experiences.

For Parents

Emma understands that seeing your child suffer can be an absolute nightmare. Trying to get help can be frustrating and disappointing. Emma offers a consultation service for parents too, where you can talk about your feelings about what’s going on for your child. Having this ‘dumping ground’ for your feelings can help you to feel better too, and can help you be less emotional and more logical when having to deal with these issues. Although this is a confidential service for clients, parents and carers will be kept involved in the process and will at any time be welcome to speak to Emma. Emma can also help you to think about what you can do at home to help your child. You are more than welcome to give me a call or make an enquiry on this page if you wish to discuss your child and whether therapy would be Read More …

For Teenagers

Emma has worked with lots of teenagers and understands that probably the last thing you want to do is come for therapy.  What is therapy anyway? Is Emma a ‘shrink’? Uh, Nope. Emma is a friendly face who can help you solve a few problems. If you want. And that’s the key thing here, you are in charge. You don’t have to come, you don’t have to stay and if you do, well you’re in charge of what we do or speak about. You are the expert of your own life, not me. But I might be able to help you see at things a bit differently. You might get a chance to chill out in a safe space and mess about with clay or paint. Maybe. Or maybe I am a big scary therapist who is going to ask you how you feel every 2 minutes. Not!     Read More …