Yeah, thanks. I’m better now. Not drinking any more or being stupid in town. I like you and everything but I don’t need to see you now!

D, female, aged 15.


L has been good for months now. She isn’t drinking anymore and is much happier. She’s actually going to college and doing stuff now. Thank you Emma.”

Text message from mother of client.


You’re just someone to talk to – you’ve really, really helped me. I was in a terrible state before, using loads of drugs, not sleeping. You’re straight talking and I like that. Thanks Emma.

C, female, aged 17.


You’ve done a good job there. She’s certainly better than she was. I don’t know how you do it but keep doing it please!”

Head Teacher, Emotional and Behavioural Unit, Flintshire.


Emma’s background of working with young people helps her to be in tune with the children she sees, and to show empathy, acceptance and understanding of their issues.”

Play Therapy Supervisor.


Thank you for sharing your research with me. I have asked substance misuse officials to consider this as part of the development that it underway to inform the next substance misuse delivery plan.

Your obvious passion of the use of play and creative arts therapy and it’s ability to make significant changes in the emotional health and substance use of vulnerable young people came across very strongly. I look forward to seeing what further progress we are able to make in improving young people’s lives across Wales.”

Vaughn Gething AM (Deputy Minister for Health)


“Emma’s enthusiasm and empathy is contagious. Her belief in the importance of play and its ability to offer a secure, safe, fun environment that enables young people to open up and develop life changing skills is evident in every piece of work she undertakes. I have witnessed the most challenging young people drop their hardened and well-worn masks and become themselves through Emma’s skillful approach.”

Dawn Ashton (Education Practitioner, Flintshire Sorted)


I feel many children would benefit from this service. My son is making good progress after having sessions with Emma. Personally I feel Emma is a true professional who is committed to helping children and truly wants to make a difference to the lives of children with challenges and emotional problems.

Testimonial from a parent of a 5 year old child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.


I’ve totally stopped drinking now. I don’t need to anymore. I realise now I was just angry. Emma really helped me with my emotional problems.

L, female, aged 13.


Wow! It’s the first thing he’s engaged in. Brilliant, he must have had a lightbulb moment! Thank you for your help Emma.

Colleague, Flintshire Youth Justice Service.


Yeah. You’re alright. You know s***loads about me now. More than I have ever told any of you lot.

T, age 15.


I have seen the benefits of Emmalene’s work as a play therapist.  She has completed courses with several of our students through Youth Justice Service referrals.

Each student that has benefitted from a bespoke program has made considerable progress.  We find that student’s resilience and their social skills change for the better after her sessions.  The impact is sustained after the therapy ends.  I have a twenty-year career working with young people who are challenging, disaffected or withdrawn.  Many of these students do not engage with talking therapies because they struggle to be articulate.  Working through emotions and feelings in a different way has been the breakthrough for my students.

During many of the sessions the students make pieces of art that represent their emotions.  This concrete approach to thoughts and feelings enables students to see that their emotional life is as important as their material one.  In some of their homes there is emotional poverty and therefore this approach helps to counter some of the impact of this.

Emmalene is also a reliable, professional therapist.  She is interested in the student in their educational context.  She is pleasant and so students find her approachable.  I would recommend Emmalene’s work without hesitation.

Mrs Jayne Fisher

Assistant Headteacher

Flint High School

Ext. 216

“Emma has been working this academic year with some of our most vulnerable LAC (looked after children) pupils in St Brigid’s School and her work has had a positive impact. She has engaged well with both parents and staff as well as with the pupils. We have all noticed a difference in the emotional well-being and behaviour of these LAC children. I would highly recommend her to others.”

Head of Learning K.S.3, High School, Denbighshire

“Watching the gradual emotional decline of one’s adolescent child has been one of the most heart-wrenching, confusing and lonely experiences of parenthood. Even with the support of family and friends, and after referral to CAMHS, the problem continued to spiral beyond our control. I can remember the exact moment that things began to turn around, when I saw my son smiling to himself; his face lost its haunted look for a moment. This incident followed his first few sessions of play therapy with Emma. The smiles and humour that had always been such a part of his personality began to resurface, and over the following months therapy has helped him. and I feel confident that therapy has helped him to find the path to a long and slow, but a full recovery. For us this option has definitely been successful.”

Parent of C, aged 15

“We were hoping that play therapy would help the child understand themselves better and develop their emotions and how to manage them. We have seen lots of positive changes in these areas.. I think the way Emma has worked through the intervention suited the child perfectly, allowing her to develop her own feelings about who she is.”

Teacher, Primary School, Cheshire

“Thanks Emma. I didn’t trust you to start with, didn’t want therapy. Glad I did now because I was really going off the rails. I’ve learnt to respect myself and my family. That’s a real difference..”

Client, aged 17

“Emma has been working with our school for the last 2 years and her expertise has proved invaluable. The play therapy that Emma delivers is fantastic and we can see how much it supports the children and benefits us as a school. The knowledge and experience Emma has is so important as we don’t have staff that have the skills and qualifications we need to help some of the most in need children. Emma’s attitude and professionalism are second to none and the children are instantly drawn to her warm nature.
Having access to a play therapist, especially one as brilliant as Emma, should be necessary in every school. We know how lucky we are to have her and we couldn’t recommend Emma more highly.”

Principal and Learning Mentor, Boughton Heath Academy, Cheshire.