The Phoenix Fire Project

Emma King provides support to parents

“Helping young people to deal with their problems, creatively and safely in a relaxed, young person-friendly way”.

Creative Arts therapy is very similar to play therapy using almost exactly the same toolkit and techniques, however this way of working is aimed at young people who deal with their emotions in unhealthy way such as self-harming or medicating by using cannabis.

This way of working is suitable for young people aged 10-18, but can also be extremely useful for adults with learning difficulties.

More directive techniques can also be used in these sessions which incorporate drug and alcohol psychosocial education, solution focused therapy and mindfulness-based techniques.


It is a really good way of working with young people who;

  • Have problems controlling their emotions, such as anger
  • Have low self-esteem, suffer anxiety or mood disorders
  • Have suffered abuse, trauma or neglect in childhood and are still affected by it
  • Are self-medicating with cannabis, alcohol or other substances
  • Have a learning disability or a speech, language and communication disorder which makes it hard for them to engage with mainstream services
  • Or those who are simply unable to talk about their problems.


Creative arts Therapy, has numerous benefits for young people;

  • It provides a safe space for emotional expression
  • Teenagers learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways
  • It fosters decision-making and acceptance of responsibility
  • It facilitates the development of problem-solving, coping skills and resilience
  • It helps young people to explore and practise social skills
  • It helps young people to learning turn-taking and communication skills
  • It helps young people re-visit important developmental
  • It allows young people to learn social skills they may have missed in childhood
  • It encourages confidence and concentration
  • It fosters imagination and creativity
  • It supports emotional healing and growth.