Training & Consultancy


Training & Consultancy with Emma King

Here is a selection of the one-day training courses I run. Courses can be tailored to your organisation’s needs;

Introduction to Play Therapy What is play therapy? How does it work? Is it just for children or does it work for everyone?
General Adolescent Development What actually happens during puberty? How is the brain changing? Why do teenagers smell funny and act strangely? Are they small adults or big children? Why are they impossible at times? How can we best work with them to widen their horizons and enable them to fulfil their potentials?
Playing with Fire – The Impact of Complex Needs on Adolescent Development How do we work with young people who have multiple and complex needs? How do we change a situation that often feels hopeless?How is adolescence different for young people with complex needs?How can we work with children who have suffered significant trauma or have serious attachment difficulties?
Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol What are drugs and how do they affect us? How do the changes in the drug landscape affect consumption in the UK? How do we spot signs/ symptoms of problematic use?And… what is problematic use?
Drugs, Alcohol and Young People What are Legal Highs? What are New Psychoactive Substances and how do they effect young people? How do young people obtain drugs and alcohol? Can drugs really cause mental health problems?


Consultancy with Emmalene Edwards-King
Consultancy with Emmalene Edwards-King

I am able to support teams through facilitating peer supervision/case consultation for teachers, school staff, foster carers and anyone else involved in significant care of children and young people. This support can be vital to ensuring that all adults ‘around the child’ are working from the same perspective to increase the therapeutic effect. Working with children and young people with complex needs can be particularly difficult and it can be a lifeline to have a dedicated slot of time to discuss aspects of behaviour, care and our own responses as professionals to the demands of this work.

I hope this has given you a brief outline of what I do. I would welcome the opportunity to speak further or to present this work more formally, please feel free to contact me if you think this would be useful.

Please contact me for information on costs depending on your needs –school-based, one-to-one therapy, groups, or training and consultancy.